Become Sovran

Privacy and what its means going forward

     The root idea behind data sovereignty is simple, as we move into a more digitally focused age it is becoming imperative that you take more control of your online presence. When you interact with social media, use a free email service, send a file via...
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Hosting Over Tor Via Nginx

Quick overview of Tor and some history     One way of accessing your self hosted services outside of your home network is via Tor. Tor is a privacy network, “Tor” stands for The Onion Router. Onion routing was developed by the DOD in the mid-’90s by mathe...
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Bitwarden: Self Hosted Password Manager

     What is Bitwarden? How does it work? Most importantly how does it help keep your data safe online? Bitwarden is a password manager, password managers help you generate unique passwords and store them safely. Sadly, in today’s online environment fraug...
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